African markets are complex, diverse, fascinating and constantly evolving.


Taking the time to understand different markets - and the role your brand (corporate or non!) plays within each one - is fundamental to growth.


AHA offers unique African-specific research tools and techniques to unearth rich insight into each market and the strategic guidance necessary to ease your business pain.


As specialists in Corporate Social Investment Measurement and Management, AHA offers clients unparalleled insight into the power of social activity and brand building on the continent. 


From statistics to solutions AHA offers a holistic approach to understanding, evaluating and strengthening your brand. Drawing on academic backgrounds and hands on experience, AHA's measurement and management models overlay statistical analysis with contextual market insights. These models are the instruments that fine tune all the components of your brand to ensure you are drumming home a constant message, that is adapted to the right pitch for each market, ensuring maximum reach and volume.

Working in partnership with clients, AHA delivers a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of objectives, identifying business - building opportunities and potential threats and then transforming these into implementable business enhancing strategies.


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